Midnight Madness

Midnight Madness is an all-night game on the streets of New York City. It may be the most exhausting, uplifting, deflating, enlightening, fun, and multi-dimensionally challenging competition you've ever participated in. The prize last time? An incredible sense of accomplishment, a paper swan, and the knowledge that you helped at-risk kids in New York succeed in their lives, too.

Midnight Madness raises funds for the New York City children’s charity Good Shepherd Services to help at-risk youth achieve their potential. Midnight Madness is open to everyone who can form a team and raise the targeted funds for GSS.

Midnight Madness 2015 is officially open for team registration! There will be thirty team slots available for the competition. Each team is ten people. Email your team captain‘s contact info to gc@midnight-madness.org to register.

Registration is limited and based on fundraising ability, so get in touch soon. Last year’s game raised over $3 million through sponsorships of 30 teams. Teams largely hailed from ten financial institutions in the tri-state area, but participants joined us from the west coast, overseas, and from outside the financial community.

2015 Teams

Calm Sandhogs
Imitation Gamers
Midnight Train
Pantone 652
Real World Scenario
Recovery Lox
SEquential Collation Of Range
Snow Crash
The Citizens
The Unprojectables
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Witching Hour Wizards
Works as Designed

August 8, 2015
New York City